When I first heard Necro, I started following him maniacally.
And I’m a music fascist. I tend to be picky.
No one, and I do mean no one has ever delivered such expert lines about such pitch black topics, with being such a great producer to boot.
We are talking above Trent Reznor skill here.
I bought every album of his, watched every interview and I still honestly don't  think this world will ever hear the likes of such a genius again, you just can’t compete with his skill.

Then came “the Sexorcist” and I was like fuck yeah, a little misogynistic though.
But who with this rockstarskill does not have the right to fuck bitches backstage and posting pictures of it online?
Hell, I have! Hell, Necro you actually brutally fucked one of my friends when you were here in Sweden and she loved it!

Then came this new production with Kool G Rap and I was blown away.

However, as I was following him on Facebook, the more darker and actually horrible his posts became.
And I sort of realized that Necro, in his absolute genius, is one of those men who does not use his expert eye for darkness to actually make any remark on anything, but to simply make the world a darker place than it already is.
Exactly like the Nazis once did and is still doing, yes.
While reading his posts and examining the interviews I realized that this man enjoys, not only what he rap about, but what he does for a living.
He will alwys fascinate me in that context. Always.

But do you think there is a difference between "fucking a girl in the ass 'til she bleeds" or to beat up a pedophile?

My point being; fuck you Necro, and all of your “fans” posting all of that horrible stuff.

I know, better than you, what they do to misogynists in prison.

And I do not have as many records as you have got out, but I’m getting there.
In the meantime you can listen to Blurred Lines and mourn the death of Lou Reed like everybody else.