9. Synchronicity

I dont get out much anymore. The fog is still here so you cannot see where you are going anyway, or perhaps that is sleep depravation talking.

Churchbells chime at the most random times, the town is covered in Mindless Self Indulgence stickers, and I hear more police sirens here than what I did back in 165.

Bill Och Bull does not only admin things around here, they also invite other artists to come here and hold lectures in the downstairs whereas I am rebuilding the attic for a musicvideo.

But this particular day they invited a known artist although totally unbeknown to be, known as Ms Bowles, who is doing art concerning bondage, literal nature growing out of man, hospitalisation and the anatomy of insects. 

Without spoiling too much those are the exact same topics of Kyles Apartment.

I confronted Ms. Bowles about it and she agreed that it is eerily uncanny:

We have done the same book.