8. Believe everything you read.


I hear on the news about another mass shooting at a festival.

By now you should understand that this is not your world anymore.

It is ours. The lone gunmen. The ones nobody listened to, not that we have that much to say anyway. Keep it up. Keep consuming, keep believing everything you read, keep having more kids, keep using money, keep dehumanising sexuality, keep producing more pop culture i.e two seasons of anything without any real conclusion, most importantly show it to your kids, see how that works out for you as a society. Not we. You.

The definition of nihilism is to believe in and strive towards the big Nothing. The definition of nihilism is not ambiguity.

See? There is not even any agenda anymore. We all just want to murder ourselves now.

We split up searching for you.

Im currently working on the new music video, building complicated sets.

Jesus was a carpenter, please feel free to call me Jesus.

The fog is still here.

People stumble in and out of the studio, wanting to show off their cool cars, and boy have I seen some cool cars here.

I have got my first complaint about my studio being too loud.

I have built my part of the studio (pictured) into a fort, a womb, a cozy mancave.

In a fight I broke my hand once and it has never healed, so I cant make a fist anymore. I can hold a beer, throw gangsigns and play guitar so by all means Im fine, but I can not make a fist ever again, a CONSTANT reminder of the limitations of my physical form and how I really want to just die.

When I told my doctors that, they laughed, and I will never see hospital industry the same again.

To get my mind off of it, I build.