7. Video shoot.






















I have learned how to create music by being an autodidact; I have had my own method, have been forced to learn everything by myself, for myself, and I think it has worked. But since getting here to the studio, I have observed that I create music even more… awfully. When I tried to record last night the words just got stuck in my mouth, since I have already learned all these new ideas about new technique and method, new method from people here, new method that I honestly have never thought about. 

It is like this place has forced me to erase how I think about art completely and now I’m beginning all over, and it shows. You also get to talk to other likeminded people, in my case for the first time ever”. It is a nice change of pace. 

The studio in itself has three supervisors. Lets call them Bill Och Bull. They own they place and are just handling the administrations –the rest of the place are just artists, enjoying varying shades of insanity. 

The fog is still here. 

Lets discuss language philosophy; 

My music have been called Lofigrimegabberdnbtechno with influences of stoner, industrial and RNB. 

People in the 165 call what I do Grime. 

I have called it Skräckno. 

Im thinking now of a new description: 


You know, when its cringy, where you don’t understand if what is happening is embarrassing, weird or even dangerous for you or me. 

Yeah… Cringe. Skräckno. Grime. Grunge. Punch a motherfucker. 

We shot a musicvideo today for ULSA together with a pioneer in dronetechnology, using drones, building sets, hiring cast. I have been up all night again carrying sculptures back and forth to the set. The sculptures (pictured) are heavy as fuck, and I’m happily exhausted. 

And this night, just before the shoot, John stumbled into the studio, out of his mind on LSD, demanding to play Pink Floyd on the loudest volume while he started dancing around with the sculptures. 

Anyway the shoot turned out great. 

The work with Kyles Apartment and ULSA continues.