6. This mess is a place.

A very strange fog rolled in over town this morning.

Indigenous people confirms they have not seen anything like it.

We are thinking about recording some material for a musicvideo later today, but you can literally not see anything outside.

I have been recording nonstop; screaming my heart out at night so as not to disturb my colleagues (my new family) too much, with the occasional breaks for stealing bicycles and ingesting fly agaric mushrooms, for some reason.

I have lost my backpack, so I dont have any clothes left.

I have lost the charger to my phone, so my already very fragile sense of time and space are now out the window.

But I woke up this morning to a very nice message in my inbox; it is the MMNNNRRRG newsletter calling me "best pop-rock from Sweden after fucking ABBA".

I think Im going to die here.