48. I'm not doing machineguns anymore.

So the world hit a reset button.

And I have moved out of my old apartment, the one I suffered in.

I now live in nice new quarters with a lovely old friend. It is cramped but we pull through and society is slowly starting to reopen.

And I know how to build a machinegun that can only fire human teeth.

And I'm thinking, do I want to take this technology with me into the new world, the new normal, or do I want to BE the change?

I'm not doing machineguns anymore. Enough fighting, already.

I feel like there is a lesson to be learned here that gets lost along with the blueprints from the old world but fuck it.

Let's reinvent ourselves now.

I feel this lockdown was a godsend because it gives me and the rest of humanity a chance to forget or even get to talk about the fact that somewhere out here is a fully functioning machine that inevitably would turn Earth into a nightmare if we just dont put this behind us thats a years research down the drain thank you awesome. 

To try give this world an honest shot. Again. 

ULSA, Kyle's Apartment and KKCCBB design line is still pulling forth as planned though.

Be right back.