45. Upcoming graphic novel Kyle's Apartment featured on Artportable.

And I also just want to say that the KKCCBB Slow Fashion Show was a huge success and thank you to everyone participating.

And how it's weird how it was like THE LAST event in Stockholm probably ever.

I had to leave early because a friend had been murdered.

Also, we are sad to say yet another friend passed away this weekend, not in Covid. Just... that fucking opioid epidemic man.

Rest in peace Stressan, you sexy ghoul you.

Anyway, here's a little snippet of the piece about Kyle's Apartment. Some mention of the Grief MK1 project as well. Enjoy. 

A project I am currently NOT working on since everything is shut down.

Still working on new music together with an AI called Google, or Mother, as also presented above. Its the Pepsi one.

Don't stay safe. I fucking hate this world and I have never been happier that this horseshit world is ending.

Fuck you.