As I was laying down in my bed, minding my own business, all of a sudden my hallway exploded with sparks and flames.

It was the swedish task force that entered my apartment will full effect.

They had shut down the lights in the block, putting up distracting lights and stroboscopes in the hallways, should I try and flee.

They carried me out and covered me up because the press was all around.

As soon as the doors shut to the car, they were all friendlylike, asking me how my upcoming album was doing, asking if i remembered them from last time they busted me, giving me suggestions on the upcoming release.

They put me in a cell for two days, and then I had the most bizarre hearing ever; since the Grief MK1. involves morbid bacteria, everyone present in the room had to wear ABC clothing.

They raided my home thoroughly, in search of weapons.

Turns out you can't use words like "Weapon", "Machinegun", "War" or "Soldier" while researching weaponry or printing a pamflet.

Anyways they found nothing since one of the quirks of the Grief MK1 is that you can not actually hold it, it is all based in motion recognition.

The BETA party/discussion will proceed as planned.