I woke up this morning with a strange feeling.

My doctors call it happiness.

I phoned a friend, and she said that the butterflies in my stomach are what normal people call butterflies in my stomach.

I sat down tonight to compose a song for ULSA, and i found that it is the only happy, upbeat, inspired song I have ever made.

It was strange seeing it unfold before me.

I think I'm happy.

As I woke up hungover as fuck in my studio, a weird drunk guy woke me up. He says I can call him John.

He offered me a wakeup beer, and we had an interesting conversation about what art is.

My opinion is that art is advanced expression.

His opinion is that art is exactly nothing in particular. If you drive down a road, it is art.

I say if you do a burnout on said road with said car, and call it art, it is art.

He says I'm wrong.

I say I have studied languagephilosophy at universitylevel so he can fuck right off with his opinions.

He says: If you programme two robots to talk to eachother, is it art?

I say its the most interesting question I have ever heard.