So... Trials went well. 

I learned new things about myself that I need to work on.

Also; two interesting things have transpired in the very compressed tests we have done so far around the GRIEF MK 1.

One: You know how everyone claims enamel on human teeth is the toughest material on earth? But it still doesn't make sense because then how could you get your teeth knocked out or chip a tooth?

Well, we did a short test and it turns out a human tooth is armor piercing at enough velocity.

Secondly; for maximum shock value for the GRIEF MK 1 we are in talks with laboratories to coat our rounds in horrible bacteria, until my friend who works there told me that human spit  works just as well as Ebola as long as you spit in the cartridge and say: I Hate You.

This mutates the molecular structure of the spit to cause just as much damage as Ebola or any other morbid bacteria.

There is a lesson to be learned here but I am still not sure what.

We will not know more until we have done a thorough, SECURE AND FULLY LEGIT, field test.