38. KKCCBB Heavy Weaponry Update pt. 3

...And much like Trump I am now being impeached.

You see, every new records need new merch, and I am envisioning the KKCCBB project being a part of the ULSA release.

i have done T-shirts and stickers and all that shit and nobody still gives a fuck about me, so why not do machineguns?

For KKCCBB to also work as a stand-alone product it needs to have a logo, and for that I needed to research the market.

It stood between the melanieisdemented "kitten"- symbol ;

an occult symbol I often use but nobody gets, OR, the way more effective swastika- but turned the original way; a symbol so recognizable and open-source, so much more needed to be brought up for debate in society today.

I spraypainted these giant two logos on a wall inside a studio and awaited a reaction from management and colleagues.

Within ten minutes all hell broke loose, and i have now been banned from the studio for over a month" and counting, and with this incentive being brought to the highest instances of court and with that, very soon, to the public, and with that, very soon, to the world.

This is how you market yourself on a shoestring budget.

Odell ain't got shit on me.