So I got a written official letter from Bill Och Bull that I am not allowed to tear shit up in the studio at nighttime anymore. 

So I don’t get to record nighttime, I don’t get to record daytime, so I am becoming frustrated, and a grown man still calling himself demented becoming frustrated is nothing to toy around with. 

So instead I focus on printing merchandise. 

I think it is interesting, since many of you folks have asked me for merchandise a lot, and now I am forced to commit to get a print out. 

We have a fully equipped printing studio next door and I have fully immersed myself in the art of printwork, and I am thinking the new album will be available in unique handprinted pouches. 

Now, the lady running said studio is named Jannika, and is known as a PIONEER in printmaking, and today the printer was totally dislocated. 

I will not bore you with details, but a hand-driven heavy printer like that is IMPOSSIBLE to dislocate, and Jannika herself said that she has never seen anything like it. 

She asked herself why. 

I told her I know why. 

She asked what. 

I say that there is a ghost living in the attic. 

She is throwing things around at night, which means she is angry, which means she is violent, everyone else have already seen her, her remains can be found on the eastern shore of a lake north of here, her remains are about two hundred years old, because she told me she was drowned there as a witch, she loves our work, she has already killed two people in her hometown, she talk to me all the time, she has written my new album, I've printed her name on said printer, and her name is Ulsa.