10. Rata

The videoset I'm working on right now is for a song for ULSA, which is called Rumors, which is about punching women in the goddamn face.

Its pseudomisogynistic and borderline anarchofeministic.

It is the fastest goddamn track I have ever done, and it is interesting to get to BUILD your lyrics; the entire attic looks like the intro for the movie "seven", but in three, perhaps four dimensions.

So everything turns upside down like a Strattonexperiment. 

I must have passed out from exhaustion because I woke up upside down in the staircase just now.

I walk down to the kitchen and observe how I defrost my dinner in the oven upside down, ruining the kitchen.

Ms. Bowels shows up and we try to have a discussion of how disturbingly alike our art is, but instead we have a discussion on how in the artworld there is no method, no discourse, no plan, but the artworld is rather only about who you have punched and who you have fucked.

A fellow artist shows up -Mitty- and comments on the way I dress. He says Saggin is backwards for Niggas.

I tell him Im doing Cringe now. He tells me about a finnish grime-like genre; Rata, which is basically slang for Binge.